Simpler Video Ads (for advertisers) With

adaptvlogomini.png2007 has been a milestone year for video advertising with a gamut of companies attacking the opportunity from every which way. Today, a relatively new entrant into the contextual video advertising space, is announcing a new initiative with potential to propel it to the front of the pack. is letting advertisers without any video advertising experience jump right in with practically no effort, and zero production cost.

Generally speaking, advertisers face a number of challenges in respect to in-video advertising: Pre/Post rolls typically cost in the $10-$30 per CPM range. On top of that, producing the ads themselves is a costly endeavor. Then there’s the matter of being able to convey only a single message. Lastly, the inability to safeguard against ad placement in questionable content is a major deterrent for many advertisers.’s new offering tackles most of these issues head-on, with the most interesting aspect being support of keyword and product datafeeds—routinely used to structure search engine marketing campaigns. This is significant because it means that advertisers can reuse existing datafeeds by importing them right into for instant targeted video advertising campaigns. Advertisers using AdWords or Overture can easily export their campaign structures to CSV format, upload them into, and presto: instant video ads.

On top of datafeed support, is also introducing:

  • Content Rating: Advertisers can employ content rating levels—G, PG, PG-13 & NC-17—in three dimensions: violent, sexual and illegal content. Rating levels are automatically determined for each video through’s content analysis technology.
  • Ad Templates: Brand oriented look & feel can be leveraged through ad templates which can range from flat, to animated, to interactive (see video below).

Amir Ashkenazi, CEO, claims that publisher and viewer growth is doubling month-over-month and that the company serves ads and pays publishers on almost every video view. Advertisers now include the likes of Amazon, Kayak, EVOgear and Let’sTalk.

The race for UGC video monetization is in full throttle and while it’s hard to pin-point a clear leader at this point, is certainly positioning itself as a player to keep an eye on. VideoEgg and others are also strong contenders, and YouTube is the 800 pound gorilla.

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