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Trabber (a contraction of travel + grabber, apparently) is a new search engine that searches across the main online flight providers, compares all the flight offers and shows the final prices of the flights. It’s pitching itself at and, but it doesn’t feel like a totally finished service just yet.

WatZatSong (geddit?) allows you to upload an MP3 of you humming a song, the artist and name of which you can’t remember. (Think that game in Never Mind the Buzzcocks translated online). The WatZatSong community then listens to your pathetic warblings and tells you what the song is. Since launching in May in English (it launched in 2006 in French first), it has had a success rate close to 90%. That’s a lot of humming. You can also build your own music quiz (from your mp3s or from the samples that have been named previously on WatZatSong) and then export it to your blog or send it to your friends. Yes, you too can download people humming!

Quintura, a visual-based search engine backed by Mangrove Capital Partners, has launched some new features including a Halloween-related search cloud specifically designed for the upcoming holiday; a hot news search cloud; and the ability to embed a search cloud to your blog.

Brightbox, the a new UK-based first Ruby on Rails focused hosting service, has launched with an offer to reduce the complex process of Ruby on Rails deployment to just a few simple steps. Each Brightbox server comes with dedicated (but burstable) RAM and CPU resources, an optimised Ubuntu OS, preinstalled Ruby on Rails stack as well as access to a managed MySQL database cluster.

FeedMorf is a simple new site that lets you turn a feed (RSS or a podcast etc) into something else. So, for instance, you can turn an RSS feed into an HTML page. It will also translate a podcast into one of a selection of playlists for use in other media players. Creator Ollie Parsley has even turned the WMV feed for the Diggnation podcast into a file playable by Windows Media Player. Check it out.

• Pierre Chappaz, a Kelkoo co-founder and former Netvibes co-CEO, has launched a competition for startups. The team that sends in the best two minute video pitch of their idea will get financed. The deadline is Nov 23. Only one problem – you’ll need to be able to read French to understand his criteria which he’s posted on his blog. [via]

  • Shafqat

    Does Trabber have any differentiating factor? I checked it out and have a hard time believing they will get significant traffic away from Kayak or Expedia or any of the other 5 million travel websites. Not trying to be negative, but the CEO should come on here and give us some insight. And the name? Horriculous…

  • Hubert is another site that does the exact same thing as Trabber and is even more ajaxy. Shameless plug: I think both sites could benefit from a better domain name such as, which is available for sale.

  • marcus

    Done already, and failed already.

    Allcheckin launched back in May 2005 as an online comparison site that “helps leisure and business travellers to search across a comprehensive range of leading travel providers.” Except it didn’t, and two years later it’s gone.

    I don’t hold much hope for Trabber.

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