Bug.gd: Collaborative Search And Bug Solutions

untitled-2.jpgBilled as “humanity’s last remaining hope against computers” Bug.gd is aiming to build a collaborative search and answers database of computer bugs.

The idea is simple enough and addresses a real problem. A user is presented with an error message, they search bug.gd to see if anyone has solved it. If someone has a solution great, if no one found a solution then not so great; however Bug.gd is betting that when they can’t deliver a solution, the user will ultimately find one. Users get a reminder email in 48 hours requesting they post the solution (presuming they found one) so others can benefit from this knowledge, providing a fluid and regularly updated collaborative database of problems and solutions.

The service is free to use and ad-free. Bug.gd is looking to build revenue from corporate intranet sales of bug.gd tools that will provide a centralized in-house database of bug fixes. An API for submitting and querying against the bug.gd error database is currently being built.

It’s a simple idea that could work, although the results are really dependent on users being generous enough to share bug fixes. The Bug.gd has been seeded with 60,000 error messages and solution from Microsoft (that’s a scary number in itself) and is slowly adding new solutions daily.