It's about time: 'Batter Blaster' pancakes in a can


Oh hell yes. I loves me some pancakes but I hate all the preparation time and cleaning involved.

Pancake batter dispensed using a patent-pending process similar to how Cheez Whiz is dispensed from an aerosol can? Patent pending?! It’s gotta be good!

Batter Blaster is all organic and requires refrigeration, which I think is a good thing because it may have come off as a little weird to some people to have canned pancakes sitting in the cupboard. Nothing about refrigerated canned pancakes is weird at all, though.

This product is currently available around the San Francisco area and I’ll just DIE if it’s not available here in Boston soon. Has anybody tried this?

Organic Batter Blaster – Original Pancake and Waffle Batter [] via Strange New Products