World of Warcraft action figures sell out

I just came across these beauties on ThinkGeek and boy am I ticked off. Looks like ThinkGeek is completely sold out of the World of Warcraft action figure set. For $49.99, you get an Orc Shaman, a Blood Elf, a Dwarf Warrior and an Undead Warlock. Each figurine is around 7-inches tall (minus the Dwarf) and is incredibly detailed, much like a Games Workshop piece.

The first shipment of these figures will be shipped in a few days, so look for a re-stock very soon hopefully. If you really want the geeky details on each figurine, hit the jump below.

Product Page [ThinkGeek]

Get a full set today and never have to hunt for the hard to find female again (action figure geeks…you know what we mean!) This first wave from DC Direct includes: Rehgar Earthfury, the legendary Orc Shaman; Thargas Anvilmar, the indomitable (and slightly flatulent) Dwarf Warrior; Meryl Felstorm, the fearsome Undead Warlock; and Valeera Sanguinar, the stealthy and seductive Blood Elf Rogue. Each one features appropriate articulation, accessories, and some of the best sculpting this side of Silvermoon City. And we’re selling them as a four pack, just to make it easier for you to collect them all. Buy them now, before the lich king’s minions pwn u like a chakin n00b. /end