Happy Halloween: Man buried with cellphone sans SIM

Attention Readers: if your loved one’s dying wish was to be buried with his mobile phone, the very least you can do is make sure that happens, lest his restless spirit rises from the grave to stand at your bedside changing its ringtones at all hours of the night. And if you do comply, make sure that your loved one’s grandson doesn’t remove the SIM card to said device just prior to burial. There is nothing more frustrating in the afterlife than not being able to get a signal, and with no SIM card, that’s a given.

And if you are in this situation, you’ll have to dig said loved one up to put the SIM into the mobile. No, really, that’s what’s happening in Montenegrin.

I choose to be buried with a DVD copy of Transformers and a cobb salad. Thank you very much.

Glitch Hits Burial Of Man With Mobile Phone [Jewish Bugle]