Email flight simulator: When drugs aren't enough

WHAT IF THERE WAS A PLACE BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION? I probably wouldn’t imaging a freaking email program that simulates a LAX and assigns a jumbo jet to all of your emails.

“Email meets flight sim. In Level 2 of 3D Mailbox, each of your emails is represented by a jumbo jet. Based on the country of origin/destination, over 80 national airlines are employed, along with thousands of real pilot-controller conversations. Cargo jets haul your attachments, and the integrated SpamBayes spam filter sends your junk to the airport boneyard.”

Could this be stupider? I mean seriously. What if they made it some kind of crazy fishbowl. Or maybe turds floating in a toilet, one for each message. Or maybe birds on a freaking wire. But WHY? STOP IT 3D MAILBOX! JUST STOP! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I won’t even link to these douches. Just do a search for “asshats”

Worlds Worst Email App Gets Worse: Aircraft Simulation Meets Inbox [TC]