Leopard to support geotagging

Overlooked in all the interface and launch hype swirling around Leopard is the fact that it has integrated geotagging. If your camera or camera phone supports geotagging (like Helio’s Ocean), then you can easily map-out where your photos were taken on Google maps, and from there you can prove to your wife that you were at the corporate picnic and not a strip club. You’re not sure why Sue from Accounting gave you a lapdance, but it wasn’t your idea.

For those of you new to the idea, geotagging is when your digital camera talks to your GPS receiver. You take a photo, and then the exact coordinates of where you took it are recorded in the photograph’s data. Then, using a program (like the one built into Leopard, see) you can map out your photos. Have fun with it, ok?

Mac OS X 10.5 gets geotagging support [c|net]