Xtreme Mac's Tango Studio iPod speaker+dock: When new really isn't new

Do you have a bookshelf or a desktop? Do you like to listen to music? Oh man, then you and XtremeMac’s Tango Studio are a perfect match. It’s more or less the same speaker+dock we’ve seen for the past several years, complete with FM radio and compatibility with damn near every iPod out there (save for the really old ones). Nearest I can tell, the only “new” thing about it is its general look—very minimalist, with only the blue LED drawing your eye.

XtremeMac says it’s perfect for a dorm room, to which I’d sorta agree. I remember seeing a bunch of these types of speaker+docks in the dorms a few years ago, so it’s not a totally baseless claim. You can pre-order it today for $80. It’s due to be released in the next few weeks, just in time for the annual “buy people whom you don’t care for gifts” festival.

Tango Studio [XtremeMac via Electronista]