The Daily Show Gets Its Own Website: Colbert Still Better

dailyshow.jpgComedy Central will today launch a dedicated website for “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” that is designed to offer fans free video clips from the show.

Although it would be easy to mock Comedy Central’s I can’t believe 2004 called launch of free Daily Show clips, the offering is slightly better than it first appears; the site includes 13,000 clips representing every minute of the show since it launched in 1999, according to the LA Times.

Comedy Central content has long been a favorite illegal upload on YouTube, and BitTorrent provides ample downloads of most of Stewart’s back catalog.

Previous Stewart understudy and South Carolina Presidential Candidate Stephen Colbert has long had his own website at, and offers a program that is preferred by some. Its later time slot never seems to prevent high peer and seed ratios on BitTorrent.

Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom sued Google for copyright infringement on YouTube in March.