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Surely you remember Chumby, the adorable little widget monster who has been in development for well over a year. If you’ve been waiting to get one into your living room, you can now do so thanks to the new Chumby store that has opened to the public. For $179.95, you can get a Chumby in pearl white, basic black or latte tan coloring. Heck, you even get a free set of Chumby charms for your keys/cellphone while supplies last. Talk about a deal!

Chumby is open-source, so you can make your own widgets for it should you fancy yourself a decent enough programmer. You can view Digg stories, weather reports, sports scores and a whole lot more on its 3.5-inch LCD. Don’t like the way Chumby looks? Get creative and throw some devil horns on it! After the jump, Chumby’s full specs and requirements.

Chumby Store

Wi-fi connectivity
Access to the free Chumby Network
Over-the-air software updates
3.5″ LCD color touchscreen
Two external USB 2.0 full-speed ports
350 MHz ARM processor
64 MB NAND flash ROM
Stereo 2W speakers
Headphone output
Squeeze sensor
Accelerometer (motion sensor)
iPod® support
Leather casing
AC adapter included
5 1/2″ wide
4 1/4″ tall
3 1/4″ deep at the base
2 1/4″ deep at the top
Just under a pound

For the chumby to play “widgets” (the bite-sized programs) you must provide:

Broadband Internet connection
Wireless router

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