Skype Equips MySpace Users to Make Free Calls

Starting in November, MySpace’s 110 million active users will be able to make free calls using Skype-enabled version of MySpace’s instant messaging client, MySpaceIM.

This marks the first time that Skype has allowed its technology to be integrated into a 3rd-party application, thereby disassociating the Skype service from the Skype client.

Skype has provided a developer program through which others can build applications initiate functions of the Skype client, but the company never before allowed for seamless integration with its VoIP network.

MySpace users will be able to make calls using MySpaceIM without needing to download any additional Skype software or even to sign up for a Skype account. They will also be able to initiate calls through MySpaceIM by clicking a link that will be displayed under the portraits on MySpace profile pages. Revenue from premium Skype calls (e.g., to landlines) will be split between MySpace and Skype, although details of the split have not yet been disclosed.

In addition, the integration of MySpace and Skype will allow MySpace users to transfer information, such as portraits, from their profiles to their Skype accounts.

MySpace claims that MySpaceIM currently has over 25 million installed users. MySpaceIM with Skype will be launched in 20 countries.