Great News, We're Not Being Sued.

For those of you following the absurd back and forth between us and a very confused photographer, we have an update. Mr. Figueroa emailed today to tell us we’re off the hook: he won’t be suing. In a email titled “apology” he writes:

Michael, I want to apologize to you and your advertisers for accusing you of using an Image of Ashton Kutcher that I thought was to drive traffic to your website and to add revenue for your advertisers.From the large response from some of your moore educated followers they have made it clear to me what had taken place.And I admit that I did not understand the way the Internet works and still don’t. I just find it unfair that that image is on there and there seems to be nothing we can do to remove it even after calling google. when I said I represent Beth Boldt I should of said I’m calling on behalf of Beth Boldt I’m not an attorney and don’t want to claim to be one and wasn’t trying to come across as one. I was just trying to get the attention of the person involved in putting that image there and when I used the large amount of money I figured it would get the attention of the right person but what I realize I had kicked the wrong bees nest. I don’t enjoy the insults or insulting back and no We are not going to sue you or your advertisers and I hope you wont do the same.I actually enjoy reading up on the latest news of what’s hot in the technology of the web on your website and think it’s a great tool to inform the public of what’s going on in the industry as I myself like to look for investment opportunity’s.

Please if you make this public don’t reveal this email address.

Thank You
Richard Figueroa

I just wish he had figured things out before calling all of our advertisers and threatening to sue them, too. And at least one good thing came of all of this: Richard officially coined the term “TechCrotch” in the lengthly comments to that post.