Top Blogs On Google Reader

So Google recently made it fairly easy to determine the number of Google Reader subscribers around a particular blog. Gabe Rivera at Techmeme did a little work on excel and came up with an unofficial list of the top blogs and the number of subscribers each blog has on Google Reader. He sent the list around to people for comments – with his permission we’ve published it below.

This isn’t perfect because you have to think of the blog and then do a search for the stats; so some blogs may be left off. Also, some of these stats are aggregate numbers from different feeds for the same blog.

If you see errors or blogs that should be added, please point them out and we’ll correct them. It would also be good to round this out to a top 100 list and compare it to Technorati and TechMeme Leaderboard. Hopefully, Google will just publish this data themselves at some point.

The blog or other news site is listed on the left. Total Google Reader subscribers is listed in the second column.


Update: Robert Scoble posts subscriber numbers based on the TechMeme Leaderboard rankings. Someone should aggregate all of this data into a single Top 100 list.