Apple's growth leading to bad customer service?

It must be tough being Steve Jobs. Mr. Jobs, CEO of a company called Apple (AAPL), that makes computers and iPods, is having a hard time keeping all of his customers happy. And that’s what’s supposed to happen.

You see, Jobs’s company is growing very fast, some say three times faster than the rest of the PC industry. That in and of itself is good news. What’s troubling is that to grow that fast, the computer maker is tapping markets it’s not been in in years, including business and first-time users.

The problem is, what’s preferred by the rank and file of Apple users might not be what the average user wants. Hardcore Mac users are notorious for “thinking differently” than PC users, and expect a different computing experience. Regular PC users, switching to the Mac, are different. They, like most people, want to use what they know.

This is leading to stress in the customer service area of Apple’s reputation. What has worked in the past isn’t necessarily going to work going forward. That means Apple must make changes to its legendary services, which is good for the new users, but is likely to rankle the steadfast Macheads.

So what do you do in this situation? If you’re Bill Gates, you sit back and enjoy a private chuckle.

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