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Fancy learning a little more about Facebook? Those nice people at BIMA have given us two free tickets to The Great Facebook Debate (currently sold out at £25 a head) on Wednesday 17th Oct 2007, 16:30 – 21:00 in London. The debate’s speakers will aim to explore and challenge the various ideas currently being touted in blogs and mainstream media about the all-consuming Facebook, as well as bring you an insight into the plethora of Facebook stories, such as brands who have worked within the Facebook walls effectively and those who have, well… not. To win the tickets all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Best comment wins (Judge’s decision final etc).

  • Jack

    The early bird catches the worm?

  • http://www.chopstixmedia.com/ Ian Fenn

    You have been bitten by a Vampire!

  • http://www.generationstarwars.com/ John Hood

    An invaluable opportunity.

  • http://www.radio-edit.co.uk Duncan

    1 top friends friend request!

  • Marjan

    Let’s face it; Facebook is the face of the new generation!

    Don’t be mad at me please – Join my Facebook groups please:



  • http://segala.com/blog Paul Walsh

    Even I can’t get a ticket

  • http://crunchgear.com/2007/09/18/live-from-london-the-apple-announcement-starts-at-5am-edt-2am-pdt/ Yinka

    During the iPhone UK launch, you tricked us into leaving commmets with the promise of a free phone. As far as I know nobody won. Now you are doing it again. This is not fair.

  • http://bowblog.com Steve Bowbrick

    Pathetic. Can’t you think of a better competition task than that? Honestly. I’m embarrassed…

  • http://www.futureshorts.com Ben


  • Giack

    If you can’t find a candle holder buy a cake.

  • Mike Butcher

    Great thanks people. Happy to say that Ben wih “POKE” and Dunvan with “1 top friends friend request!” win the comp. Apologies for the pathetic nature of this competition, but a) British law requires such stupidness (honest, go check) and b) it’s fun to humiliate people, huh. My guess is that everyone else on this list is probably capable of blagging a ticket from Paul Walsh anyway – except Yinka who is in New York and sore about not having an iPhone, apparently.

  • http://segala.com/blog Paul Walsh

    Nope I’m afraid there isn’t a hope in hell at this point as we’ve already got more than our allocated venue can take – on the premise that we have no-shows. Couple that with a few dozen on the waiting list and you end up with 2 people on this blog who’ve been very lucky.

    Sore losers aren’t permitted anyway.

  • http://natts.com Dave Nattriss

    How to make money out of Facebook: run a related event that costs £25/head!

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