Urban Fidelity 'Planet' sound-dispersing speakers


Sure they’re expensive — starting at $1295 — but can you really put a price on metallic planet-shaped balls that "disperse sound in a perfect 360-degree soundfield"?

They’re made by Markus Duevel, who’s apparently designed his fair share of high-end speakers. These ones come with a "horn loaded tweeter" and an almost-6-inch subwoofer "designed to produce exceptional bass with extremely low distortion."

The speakers are hand made in Germany from wood and steel (not plastic) and use the same process as Duevel’s very-expensive $24,995 speakers so the touch and feel should be something special.  

Silver, red, or black available for $1295/pair. Gunmetal, blue, or green available for $1395/pair.

The Planets [Urban Fidelity] via technabob