HD DVD notebooks to fall below $1000 by year's end?


Toshiba VP Carl Pinto says that by Christmas time, "you’ll be able to buy notebook computers at retail stores for under $1000," in reference to HD DVD-equipped notebooks.

It’s not all that surprising of a revelation, seeing that Toshiba is one of the major proponents of the HD DVD standard, but steadily falling prices on HD DVD hardware is a good way to get that standard accepted by more people, more quickly.

So by the end of the year, people might be buying notebooks that just happen to come with HD DVD drives. HD DVD writeable drives for notebooks won’t catch on for another few years, according to Pinto, but most of the drives offered this year will be HD DVD player/DVD writer hybrids, much like the DVD/CDRW combos from years past.

Coming Soon: Sub-$1000 HD DVD Notebook [Yahoo! News/PC World]