Sansa spokeswoman will shave her head if Zune overtakes her company in holiday sales

Remember last year’s WrestleMania 23, when Vince McMahon lost a hair vs. hair match against Donald Trump? (There’s the clip to refresh your memory.) OK, so it was Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga, but you know what I mean. Take that scenario—a hair vs. hair match, very popular in Mexican lucha libre—and apply it to the sales of the Microsoft Zune 2 and the Sansa series of PMPs. Now this is exciting.

The spokeswoman for Sansa, Carm Lyman, has challenged her counterpart at Microsoft to a hair vs. hair match. If the Zune overtakes Sansa’s position as the number two (market share-wise) PMP company in the U.S. behind Apple this holiday season, she’ll shave her head. Bald. Bald bald. Calvo. (Well, calva in her case.) The Microsoft guy, Robbie Bach, has yet to accept her challenge.

If this were really pro wrestling, Bach’s honor would be on the line. Then the lights would turn off, Mr. Lyman would run in from the crowd and smash Bach in the face with a chair or other everyday object. Maybe a Zune 1, that giant monstrosity?

Carm from Sandisk ups ante; will shave her head too if Microsoft’s Zune makes it to #2 [Zdent]