How not to handle Comcast's customer service (even if you want to)

We don’t talk too much about heroes, but Mona Shaw is right up there. Shaw got sick of the crappy customer service from Comcast and decided to do something about it. While we can’t recommend following her actions, and really can’t report if they did any good or not, it’s still good to hear about a senior citizen who decided to take her frustration out. With a hammer. Nice work, Mona Shaw.

Her story is fairly typical of Comcast: A worker failed to show up for an appointment. Another worker didn’t finish the job he was supposed to. And the Shaws were without service for a whole week. There are new twists, too, such as loss of telephone service, and the phone number they’d had for 34 years.

Attention, Comcast: Until your field guys can figure out how to install what it is you’re selling, you shouldn’t sell it. Sounds reasonable to me.

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