FotoFlexer Continues To Innovate; People Love It

FotoFlexer, which we first covered in August, continues to be my favorite online photo editing tool out of a batch of…many.

Most of the tools are for creating fun changes to photos (see my previous post on them for an overview), and users can easily pull and push photos to social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. But it’s also a serious editing tool (it supports layers, for example).

Since their July launch, the company says over 5 million photos have been edited using their tool, from 150,000 registered users on their site and another 275,000 users of their Facebook application.

Today they will announce a few additional editing tools – one serious, one fun. The fun one is a morphing tool that lets you take two photos and morph them into a single image. See this YouTube video for an example.

The second tool takes advantage of some of the recent thinking around seam carving to allow people to intelligently resize photos, and/or remove things in photos without distortion. The video below shows it in action and, as always with seam carving demos, it’s stunning what can be done:

If you’re interested in more information on seam carving, see this working demo, and check out Rsizr (see Go2Web2 coverage).