Twitter Testing Text Footer Ads

Microblogging service Twitter, long questioned over its lack of an apparent business plan, is testing text footer ads below Tweets.

This Is Going To Be Big captured the following image:

The format is a one line tip directly below the Tweet. The message might be flattering to CNet’s Caroline McCarthy, but it’s a fair guess that this is a test message and that in future it might read something like “Tip: Orkut, not just big in Brazil” or something similar.

Buried at the bottom of a Guardian article is mention that Twitter is looking at developing “branded channels” where companies can connect with Twitter users via their own corporate Twitter page. Twitter’s Ev Williams is quoted as saying this is an alternative to “attaching advertising to a personal communications channel” which would suggest that Twitter isn’t focusing on footer ads, but the screenshot above would seem to suggest otherwise.

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Twitter Advertising: What Do You Prefer?

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Started: October 8, 2007