Manhunt 2 still banned in the UK, even after re-editing

The British Committee to Ban Everything has once again rejected Rockstar’s Manuhunt 2, saying that the recently re-submitted edited version is still too “unremitting[ly] bleak” and callous. Too Manhunt-y, in other words. The censor board originally banned the game in June, forcing Rockstar to rework the game. And it did (the game was granted an “M” rating here a few days ago), but not enough to placate the British panel.

Rockstar now only has a few options at its disposal. It can cancel the game (not bloody likely), re-edit it again so that it passes the board’s test or hope that it successfully appeals to Video Appeals Committee.

Britons can always import it, I suppose.

BBFC rejects revised Manhunt 2 [MCV]