DonorsChoose Doing Well, But Fred Wilson Needs To Be Stopped

By all accounts the DonorsChoose blogger challenge is doing extremely well – it took them just six days to reach $130,000 in donations, which will provide nearly 10,000 students from low income families with books, art supplies, technology, and other resources they need to learn.

Donations thus far coming through TechCrunch have put us in second place in the Technology group.

Now, helping needy children is great and all, but I hate any list that I’m not leading. In this case, Fred Wilson (a venture capitalist and part time blogger) is kicking our butt. That has to end, and I’m willing to pay to do it.

Some bloggers are pulling stunts like saying they’ll shave their head if they meet a certain goal, etc. Since I can’t talk Heather, our CEO, into shaving her head, we’re going to just pay to get what we want. For every dollar donated up to our goal of $25,000, we’ll match the donation dollar for dollar. That includes existing donations.

Donate to DonorsChoose here, and we’ll match your donation. So help the children help TechCrunch get to the top of the list.