coRank Relaunches With New Capabilities

corank.pngHosted social voting site provider coRank has relaunched with a list of new capabilities.

The new options can be enabled/disabled by owners of coRank sites as they see fit (except for the personal dashboard). New features include

  • Local copy: Being able to store local ‘cached’ copies of anything that is submitted. coRank note that this may be controversial, but claim that legally it has been cleared. It certainly sounds evil.
  • Collaborative editing: Users can now edit submitted stories, and also have access to wiki-style features such as view “change history.”
  • Individual privileges: Users can now decide who can/cannot submit stories and edit submissions
  • Full Template Edit: Site admins can now edit all of the coRank site templates, allowing for 100% customization. coRank claim that from a development standpoint, this feature + the API offers a platform only matched by the freedom of using Open Source.
  • My Dashboard: A central location from where a coRank user can get a glance of whatever is that he/she is doing at any coRank site

Users can already eliminate the Digg-style voting feature, which coRank claims opens up the possibility of using the service for a plethora of different uses, such as collective social bookmarking and dynamic repositories such as Wikimarks.

coRank currently has 1600 registered site owners, of which around half are regular users.