Philips SHD9100 wireless headphones look dandy

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Wireless headphones. Yeah, I’ve never had the best experience with them in the past either. Granted, this is like 1992 we’re talking about when I was trying to watch “Thundercats” without waking my parents, who expressly forbade me from watching shows staring talking cats.

*Anyway*, Philips has what looks to be a good++ pair for around $350, the SHD9100. It works on the 2400-2483.5MHz frequency range, so you shouldn’t have to worry about interference from your other wireless doodads. Its 30-foot range is Bluetooth-like and 50mm driver should ensure that it doesn’t sound like feedback from a concert sound check. Its battery is rated at six hours per charge.

Yes, headphones are nearly impossible to write about unless you’ve used them extensively. At least there’s a nice picture for us to look at.

Correction! Ilya has many talents, one of which is to call me out when I screw up, like I did here. That should read 30-meter range, which has nothing to do with Bluetooth at all. A thousand apologies.

Philips goes wireless with SHD9100 headphones [Pocket Lint]

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