Belkin eyes PC gaming market

This is a gaming controller? If you say so, Belkin. With renewed vigor for computer gaming, Belkin has announced the USB powered n52te SpeedPad that’s a combination of hardware and software aimed at first-person shooter, online RGP and real-time strategy enthusiasts. There are 15 programmable buttons that are setup via software from Razer and saved to the onboard memory where you can switch on the fly among three profiles. We know the hardcore PC gamers live in the basement of their parent’s house so it’s nice that Belkin acknowledged that with a backlit keypad and scroll wheel. Because you will undoubtedly be straining yourself there’s a soft wrist pad as well as an eight-way directional pad. Pick one up in November if you’re in the US, Europe, Korea or Australia for about $70 USD. If you’re Canadian, residing elsewhere in Asia or South America then you’ll have to wait till February.

Product Page [via Electronista]