Apple Fairy: high-def AppleTV content coming soon


According to the Apple Fairy, close relative of the Fat Nano Fairy, there’s gonna be a pretty substantial update to iTunes sometime this month that’ll help to bring AppleTV back from the teetering edge of extinction. Apple has apparently placed a gargantuan order for more AppleTV units in anticipation for the upcoming “iTunes HD” or whatever it’ll be called.

The name aside, you’ll soon be able to purchase a selection of high-definition movies and television shows that’ll work on AppleTV. Finally.

[Update, by Matt]: According to MacOS Rumors, they know something about Apple TV that they’re not saying yet, as they’re under embargo. We’re guessing it’s in line with what we’ve got here. Also, they’ve got word of the end of the Mac Mini, in favor of a “Mac Nano”-type computer for as little as $249. That, friends, is aggressive.