Zune Phone Commeth: "Not so fast," J Allard

We know the Zune Phone is coming. It has to. MS is having a pretty hard time in the cellphone market, as Windows Mobile is anything but aweome. Sure, it sells, but who goes shopping for a WinMo phone? You take what you can get. And it’s hardly as profitable as it could be.

What MS needs is a hit of a handset, something to fight back at the iPhone. We all know this, and the Zune is a great place to start. So where’s the Zune Phone? More on that later.

J Allard, the Microsoftie in charge of the Zune group (hey, J!), said in a recent Reuter’s interview that there were no “immediate plans” for a Zune Phone, but then confused us by mentioning that the underlying OS for the Zune is the same as that used by Windows Mobile. Very interesting indeed.

We know that a Zune Phone is in the works, and rumors around Seattle persist that there are prototypes in the wild. And while we’re normally quite good at tracking these down, we’ve had no luck here. But we’ll keep trying, and we’ll let you know what we’ve found.

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