UC Berkeley Puts Courses On YouTube

berkeley.jpgThe University of California Berkeley has started uploading video recordings of course lectures on to YouTube.

The initial round of lectures covers 300 hours of video on subjects including Chemistry, Physics and Non-Violence, with more content to come. The move by Berkeley is claimed to be a first by some, however some of the videos have been previously available elsewhere, including iTunes and Google Video; perhaps it’s a first for YouTube.

A full list of the content can be accessed here. Although most of the content is dry (well to me anyway), Berkeley also offers Search Engines as a study, with the first video in the series being a lecture from Google’s Sergey Brin (as below). The list of search engine course videos can be viewed here.

In (somewhat) related news, a student defends widespread criticism of Pitzer’s “Learning From YouTube” class. She took offense at people calling the students “spoiled, ignorant stoner kids” and other negative comments. YouTube user mperry08, who created the video, is definitely getting an A grade.