Pixsy To Power Search On Veoh

logoMedia search platform provider Pixsy has announced a strategic partnership with video sharing service Veoh Networks that wil see Veoh adopting Pixsy’s media search platform to offer enhanced video and image search functionality on Veoh.com.

Pixsy’s appeal to Veoh is the ability to deliver near-real time search results, allowing Veoh users to search videos and images with content updating to the minute.

Dmitry Shapiro, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Veoh Networks said “Pixsy’s vast index and ability to organize their breadth of video and image content in a way that maps to our users’ interests will meaningfully enhance the viewing experience on Veoh.”

Since taking an additional $26 million in funding back in June, Veoh has seen an increase in traffic whilst facing an increase in lawsuits as well. According to Alexa, Veoh has now broken into the Top 100 sites online, and is edging towards the Top 50. On the other hand their popularity has come at a price, with Veoh being sued by Universal, Viacom and NBC, and perhaps just to keep the lawyers busy, Veoh filed a counter suit against Universal in August.

For Pixsy, the deal will see their technology being used by Veoh’s more than 18 million monthly viewers, validation that their search capabilities not only work, but can scale as well.