A few more Zune details [Update, again, again]

So I just got off a call with Microsoft regarding the Zune and we have a few more details for you.

Zune accessories are compatible with the new Zunes and new accessories are backwards compatible. There’s an issue with a dock, but they’ll update us soon.


The new Zune dock supports the following video out capabilities:

Zune 80: Video out (component)

Zune 30: Video out (composite)

Zune 4 / 8: no video out from Zune dock.

Wi-Fi is the same as the old models, 802.11 b/g.

Battery life is still being tested and they’ll get back to us.

Flash Zune has the same resolution as the big boy.

Wireless syncing is automatically triggered when you’re within range of your network after a minute of activity as long as it’s connected to a power source. You also have the option to manually sync wirelessly without power.

Syncing is wonderful, but it interrupts music playback.

Screens are now glass instead of plastic.

Zune Social will launch in beta.

You can send songs through Zune Social, but only 30-second clips.

Zune and software now support Windows Media lossless.

Launch could be November 13 according to the ‘Zon.

[Update 2]: The 80GB will get a super special set of in-ear noise-isolating earbuds.

[Update 3]:

Zune does not have a clock function. Microsoft is all about optimizing the experience for the majority of consumers today and will continue to look at ways to improve the experience for everyone, but Zune will not be compatible with Mac or Linux systems.