iFones Extreme!

Only an Apple rumor with absolutely no legs could trump the Microsoft Zune announcement we’re expecting to hear tonight. But wait, it is just the Zune 2. In any case, the source code on the Apple iPhone Feedback Page seems to have unveiled a secret. What’s the secret? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the iPhone Extreme, biatches. Who really knows what that means, if anything, but all fingers point to a 16GB, 3G and GPS-enabled iPhone in February. Duh. We know the 16GB iPhone will be announced at MacWorld. You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that. We’ll see about GPS and 3G. If the 16GB iPhone is not announced at MacWorld in January then I’ll eat my hat on camera because I’ll be there.

Oops iPhone Extreme coming? [9to5Mac]