Bloglines Supports OpenID, Will Support oAuth and APML

The IAC owned Bloglines has announced a number of new and intended features today. OpenID for Bloglines accounts joins with a new version of Bloglines Mobile beta and new personalization features as being available immediately.

Perhaps more interesting from a particular perspective is Bloglines’ intention to provide support for oAuth (Open Authentication) and APML (Attention Profiling Mark-up Language). In laymen’s terms Bloglines will allow users to take control of their Attention Profiles.

Bloglines has lost momentum over the last 12-24 months as Google’s excellent Google Reader service has taken the market lead according to some reports. A new Bloglines version was launched in August and todays announcement would seem to be part of Bloglines strategy of dealing itself back into the attention stream of the RSS reading public.

(thanks to Chris Saad for the tip)