Banned on Japanese airplanes: Playing DS, using other similar devices

Man, Japan’s usually hip to technology, but this news sorta diminishes that perception. A revised law means that passengers on board Japanese airplanes will no longer be able to use video game systems with built-in wireless functionality. So say goodbye to the DS and PSP whip out the Game Gear.

The law doesn’t stop there, oh no. It also prevents the use of pretty much everything wireless—mice, headphones, your clever little in-cabin WAP, etc. The law was revised because of all the elcetromagnetic interference caused by the banned devices. Apparently there was a danger of interfering with the airplane’s equipment.

And to think that Virgin Airlines was just beginning to make strides with its consumer electronics-friendly fleet. Also, Ilya insists that the Japanese ban is stupid since “the airplanes equipment run on completely different frequencies… also at 30,000 feet there are still plenty of stray wifi and radio signals.” Maybe he’s an engineer in his spare time?

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