Wixi Gives Away 5,000 Invites to Our Readers

Media-centric social network Wixi, which launched at TechCrunch40 a couple of weeks ago, is giving away 5,000 invitations to its private beta to TechCrunch readers.

To claim yours, go here and enter “havefun” as the Wixi access pass. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to invite six of your friends. After these 5,000 invitations run out, users will be put on a waiting list for future batches of invitations.

Wixi users get 3GB of free storage that they can use to share photos, videos, and music with their friends and family. While the service is browser-based, Wixi designed the interface to feel like a desktop environment with drag-n-drop functionality. Files hosted on Wixi can be accessed through the Wixi website or displayed on users’ websites using an embeddable Flash Player (an example of which is shown at the bottom of this post).

The company is currently self-funded and plans to open up to the public in December.