The reason you live: Super Mario sound FX keychain

Look, let’s cut the bullshit and get straight to the point, shall we? This is a keychain that plays Super Mario Bros. sound FX and has a bright red paint job with an old school Mario logo. It is without a doubt the best $5.99 you will ever spend. Why’s this? Because the next time you get drunk off your ass and stumble out of the freshman dorms at your school, you’ll find a party at some frat house. Three hours and a bottle of Goldschlager later, you’ll whip out this keychain and will begin hitting buttons.

Five minutes later, you are god. All of the hit sound FX are on this keychain. The “grown up Mario/mushroom” sound is there, as well as “1UP noise”, “Mario dies” and “Level start” are all available. The next time you sink a ball in during beer pong, play the “Coin” noise to get everyone all excited and smashing chairs. You’re the man now, dog!

Super Mario Sound FX Keychain [Think Geek]