Flash: New Radiohead album costs whatever you want it to

Radiohead’s newest album will cost whatever you decide to pay for it. Want to give the band $10? Go ahead. $3? Sure, why not? $0? You got it. (Sorta, since you’ll need to pay credit card fees.)

The album, In Rainbows, will be released on October 10 as a digital download on the band’s Web site. Since it’s no longer tied to a record label, the band can do whatever the hell it wants with its music. So they’ve gone the museum route—donate what you feel it’s worth.

Prince did a similar thing earlier this year, bundling his album for free alongside a British newspaper, but hardly anyone cared since Prince is old hat. Radiohead, on the other hand, is still hip. (So I’m told. I never “got” the band.) I can’t wait to see how the RIAA responds to this one, crying wolf, claiming that these types of decisions will destroy the music biz, etc.

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