Give It Up, For Computer Literacy

picture-152.pngEveryone likes to complain about the sorry state of education in this country, but when was the last time you actually did something about it? Well, here’s your chance. TechCrunch is participating in a blogger challenge to see who can raise the most money for, a great non-profit that lets you specify which educational projects you want your money to go to. Teachers across the country typically ask for a few hundred dollars per project to buy things like computers, digital cameras, or other basic supplies that their schools won’t cover. And donors vote for the best ones with their cash. It’s like a charity version of Digg.

We’ve selected a few worthy projects aimed at improving computer literacy, especially in underprivileged schools. But you can choose to give money to hundreds of projects in any subject, region, or type of school that you feel is the most deserving. Just start at this link. We are trying to raise at least $25,000 in the month of October. That seems kind of low to me, given how many VCs read this blog.