Life After Text Links: ScratchBack

Since the Google crack down on text link ad sales this month many in the blog related advertising industry have been scrambling to introduce new offerings. Text-Link-Ads.com (a TechCrunch sponsor) lau

Pringo Powering Social Network From Yokohama

LA based white label social networking networking startup Pringo has announced the launch of a new social networking site that is focused on saving the planet and tires. The site, “Eco Treadsett

Court case decides bloggers are really journalists (except Cory Doctorow)

Gentle readers, congratulate us. We, as bloggers, are now legally protected as “journalists”. Or at least we’re getting there. Take that, legitimate press. Phillip Smith has just won

Google Is Courting Facebook Developers In More Ways Than One

Google is taking a multi-pronged approach when it comes to winning over the hearts and minds of Facebook developers. We already know that it will attempt a direct appeal to get developers to come over

And now for something truly frightening

John Biggs wanted me to post some Halloween gadgets today. Here’s a remote controlled pooping, talking skeleton. You won’t see one in my yard. Only $3000 from the nice people at the Horror

Jensen debuts XP-running Internet tablet thing

We like it when companies introduce products that just might start up a whole new market, like this Anyware (geddit!?) PC from Audiovox/Jensen. It’s a tablet-like thing that runs Windows XP, has

Google OpenSocial Image Gallery

Last night we outlined the details emerging about Google’s social networking initiative, OpenSocial. Below are some screenshots of OpenSocial in action that we didn’t have time to include

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Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It's Google's Share Price!

Wow, maybe Henry Blodget wasn’t so wrong after all. Google broke through $700 a share in trading today, closing at a record high of $707, just over 3 weeks since breaking through the $600 mark.

The random endorsement: you, our readers

Like I said last week, my random endorsement column will be a little unorthodox sometimes. It won’t be all Product A is great, I endorse it. No, sirs. Today I endorse you all, the CrunchGear rea

The Pirate Bay wants to develop its own P2P protocol

Everyone’s favorite BitTorrent tracker (now that OiNK is gone) will try to develop a new P2P protocol. The Pirate Bay doesn’t like how the BT protocol is controlled by BitTorrent, Inc. It

1,000 WooMe Invitations for TechCrunch Readers

WooMe – a website for “speed introductions” that presented at TechCrunch40 but is still in private beta – is giving out one thousand invitations to our readers (redeem yours he

CG Exclusive: Sidekick Slide hands-on

What’s small, cool, and made by Motorola? Not much? HA! We beg to differ. Take a look at the Sidekick Slide. It’s sexy, slidy, and runs Danger’s OS just fine. I only have time to do

Biodiesel goes badass

We don’t link much to DailyKos here. We try to keep away from politics, lest we finally piss off everyone, but this is something worth sharing. There is a man with an eighth-grade education who

LG Touch All-in-One unofficial concept: Looks better than the real deal

If nothing else, these renders look absolutely amazing. It’s the LG Touch All-in-One, a tablet PC-looking device that uses touch screen technology like nobody’s business. (Aside: I need a

Nokia's N95 accelerometer demoed

You know that cool thing the iPhone does when you turn it to landscape, it automagically knows to turn the content to match? That’s an accelerometer. The iPod Touch has one as well. And so does

Halo 3: Landfall – A collection of shorts

http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27235 Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Halo 3 shorts that stormed both my computer and television, but I can bet that millions of gamers aro

Google Culture Creep At YouTube

As far as I know, YouTube never changed their logos for holidays like famously Google does. But today they did, quietly adding a pumpkin to the logo in lieu of the television screen we normally see. T

Invisible tank: pie-in-the-sky BS or total and utter malarkey?

Artist’s rendition of your last acid trip. Every few years someone pulls out the old “project the scene behind the object onto the object” trick to make something ostensibly invisibl
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