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    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Everex’s gPC: A $199 PC with a half-baked “Google” OS Jarett Wow. Wal-Mart, the epitome of contemporary capitalism, is stocking a PC running Linux, the epitome of contemporary communism. Does the ground feel cold to… Read More

  • Life After Text Links: ScratchBack

    Since the Google crack down on text link ad sales this month many in the blog related advertising industry have been scrambling to introduce new offerings. Text-Link-Ads.com (a TechCrunch sponsor) launched ShoppingAds.com this week, a nice looking CPC advertising system geared for blogs. New comer ScratchBack, led by well regarded online marketer Jim Kukral, offers an online… Read More

  • Pringo Powering Social Network From Yokohama

    LA based white label social networking networking startup Pringo has announced the launch of a new social networking site that is focused on saving the planet and tires. The site, “Eco Treadsetters” comes from the Yokohama Tire Corporation and is focused on reinforcing Yokohama’s online branding, increasing its user base and enhancing the company’s position as… Read More

  • Court case decides bloggers are really journalists (except Cory Doctorow)

    Gentle readers, congratulate us. We, as bloggers, are now legally protected as “journalists”. Or at least we’re getting there. Take that, legitimate press. Phillip Smith has just won an important case that sets a precedent that we’re going to use at some point. He’s a blogger. He was an angry blogger due to some bad experiences working with an eBay listing company. Read More

  • Google Is Courting Facebook Developers In More Ways Than One

    Google is taking a multi-pronged approach when it comes to winning over the hearts and minds of Facebook developers. We already know that it will attempt a direct appeal to get developers to come over to Google’s side and create social applications via its OpenSocial APIs. But Google is also trying to convince Facebook developers to use Google’s new pay-per-action ads (still… Read More

  • And now for something truly frightening

    John Biggs wanted me to post some Halloween gadgets today. Here’s a remote controlled pooping, talking skeleton. You won’t see one in my yard. Only $3000 from the nice people at the Horror Dome. Happy Halloween. The Crapper [Horror Dome] Read More

  • Jensen debuts XP-running Internet tablet thing

    We like it when companies introduce products that just might start up a whole new market, like this Anyware (geddit!?) PC from Audiovox/Jensen. It’s a tablet-like thing that runs Windows XP, has a 30GB HD, GPS, touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and much other goodness. It’s basically a detachable car PC. Think of it in the category of devices like Nokia’s N810, but a little… Read More

  • Google OpenSocial Image Gallery

    Last night we outlined the details emerging about Google’s social networking initiative, OpenSocial. Below are some screenshots of OpenSocial in action that we didn’t have time to include in that post. Most of these shots show the integration of iLike and Flixster applications with social networks on Ning. A few show the integration of applications with orkut and hi5. We’ve… Read More

  • TechCrunch Sponsors

    Thank you to the current TechCrunch Sponsors, who keep the lights on for us: Wild Apricot Opera Text Link Ads PeerMe iJ.am Ads-Click Edgeio Le Web3 And thanks to Media Temple who handles our hosting. Read More

  • Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It's Google's Share Price!

    Wow, maybe Henry Blodget wasn’t so wrong after all. Google broke through $700 a share in trading today, closing at a record high of $707, just over 3 weeks since breaking through the $600 mark. Google did have the benefit of a surging NASDAQ; the exchange favored by tech stocks closing up 42.41 pts or 1.51% after the Fed cut US interest rates by 25 basis points to 4.5%. A range of… Read More

  • The random endorsement: you, our readers

    Like I said last week, my random endorsement column will be a little unorthodox sometimes. It won’t be all Product A is great, I endorse it. No, sirs. Today I endorse you all, the CrunchGear readers. And a special endorsement+ to all you who leave comments. Aside from our delightful chat room, y’all make it worth getting up stupid early to do this. Take a bow. Read More

  • The Pirate Bay wants to develop its own P2P protocol

    Everyone’s favorite BitTorrent tracker (now that OiNK is gone) will try to develop a new P2P protocol. The Pirate Bay doesn’t like how the BT protocol is controlled by BitTorrent, Inc. It also only gives the BT protocol about one more year until it’s no longer viable. Hence the new protocol. No details of how the protocol would work, how it would be better than BT or… Read More

  • 1,000 WooMe Invitations for TechCrunch Readers

    WooMe – a website for “speed introductions” that presented at TechCrunch40 but is still in private beta – is giving out one thousand invitations to our readers (redeem yours here). You would be excused for mistaking WooMe for a speed dating website like SpeedDate.com (covered here). WooMe users are put into one minute-long webcam sessions with one another to decide… Read More

  • CG Exclusive: Sidekick Slide hands-on

    What’s small, cool, and made by Motorola? Not much? HA! We beg to differ. Take a look at the Sidekick Slide. It’s sexy, slidy, and runs Danger’s OS just fine. I only have time to do some photos and this video today but look for a full review this week. Read More

  • Biodiesel goes badass

    We don’t link much to DailyKos here. We try to keep away from politics, lest we finally piss off everyone, but this is something worth sharing. There is a man with an eighth-grade education who has developed a way to mod cars for biodiesel in a way that doubles their horsepower and doubles the gas mileage. It makes them faster and more powerful, using off-the-shelf parts. Detroit… Read More

  • LG Touch All-in-One unofficial concept: Looks better than the real deal

    If nothing else, these renders look absolutely amazing. It’s the LG Touch All-in-One, a tablet PC-looking device that uses touch screen technology like nobody’s business. (Aside: I need a new phrase to replace “nobody’s business.” I feel like I use that every day.) Apparently the designer, one Yeop Kim, was a little skittish when it came to giving out… Read More

  • Nokia's N95 accelerometer demoed

    You know that cool thing the iPhone does when you turn it to landscape, it automagically knows to turn the content to match? That’s an accelerometer. The iPod Touch has one as well. And so does the Nokia N95, though Nokia doesn’t do much with it. And that’s the issue Mark at the Nokia Blog took up in this dope video. It’s not particularly usefull right now, but app… Read More

  • Halo 3: Landfall – A collection of shorts

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27235 Personally, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Halo 3 shorts that stormed both my computer and television, but I can bet that millions of gamers around the globe are. If you’re itching to see all of the live-action shorts direct by Neill Blomkamp in one movie rather than scattered around, then press play above and sit back whilst you… Read More

  • Google Culture Creep At YouTube

    As far as I know, YouTube never changed their logos for holidays like famously Google does. But today they did, quietly adding a pumpkin to the logo in lieu of the television screen we normally see. Too bad it wasn’t something a little scarier. An evil looking clown, for example, would have been perfect. CrunchBase Information YouTube Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Invisible tank: pie-in-the-sky BS or total and utter malarkey?

    Artist’s rendition of your last acid trip. Every few years someone pulls out the old “project the scene behind the object onto the object” trick to make something ostensibly invisible. Well, now the English Army will now win the war with invisible tanks designed to disappear using cameras and projectors. I’m going to call “bollocks” on this and wonder… Read More

  • Using Pubmatic Could Land You Some Free Advertising

    Advertising has gotten a lot more complicated since the early days of the internet. There are hundreds of ad networks out there. With targeting being the name of the game, efficiently allocating your ad space to visitors is nearly impossible. In response, automated ad optimization engines have started up to help manage these advertising complexities. Using one seems like a no-brainer for… Read More

  • Bell&Ross BR02 quick look

    Got the chance to play with the Bell&Ross BR02 diver’s watch. If you’re not into watches, you can probably skip this but generally it’s a nice diver with great styling. It’s based on B&R’s Instrument Series and you can really see the pedigree. Unfortunately, this was only a show model so it didn’t run but if you want one that tells time… Read More

  • Costume Idea: simple, badass Optimus Prime

    I bring you the most amazing Optimus Prime costume I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. Hit the jump to see it in all its Megatron’s-ass-kicking glory. Read More

  • Halo 3 will ruin your life

    Blame Halo 3 – Watch more free videos Now that I’ve been reunited with my Xbox 360 and Halo 3, I’ll probably be singing the same tune. Read More

  • Everex's gPC: A $199 PC with a half-baked "Google" OS

    Wal-mart just plotzed out the Everex Green gPC, a low-end machine with low-end specs running Ubuntu Linux and a version of Enlightenment that its creators called GOS. Some may say that this is the “Google PC” but it’s actually running a version of Linux specially tweaked to let you “launch” Google apps — still in the browser — from the task bar. The… Read More

  • What Will You Be For Halloween?

    If you’re like Marie Eve Bergeron-Tourangeau from Canada, you’ve decided to become a Facebook profile page for Halloween. Which is better, I guess, than trying to dress up like a Google OpenSocial, since the only image really associated with that so far is this horny elmer’s glue thing. Read More

  • 2GB SD card does Wi-Fi in digital cameras

    Hey, now THAT’S a good idea. This $99 2GB SD memory card has built in wireless. You pop it in your camera, take some photos, and it automatically uploads (via your Wi-Fi connection) those photos to one of 17 online photo websites including Shutterfly, Snapfish, Photobucket, Facebook, Picasa, and, of course, Flickr. Best of all, it works in any digital camera that supports SD cards. Read More

  • Tech Horror Stories: Trouble in Paradise

    The first of our Tech Horror Stories. If you have one you’d like to share send it to john at crunchgear.com ASAP. Spooky! So I was an IT contractor working in Honolulu. Except there’s a small part of the Hawaiian heritage they don’t promote along with the palm trees and beaches featured in the travel guides. One night I was working late. It was probably two in the morning and… Read More

  • Prosper Registers With SEC to Create a $500 Million Secondary Market in Peer-to-Peer Loans

    One of the most disruptive startups in the financial industry is Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace. Since its launch in February, 2006, Prosper has attracted more than 450,000 members who have loaned $96.4 million to each other. There is so much liquidity on Prosper now that the startup wants to create a secondary market for loans on the site. Right now, if you loan money to someone… Read More

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