Have An Old, Broken iPod? Get Cash For It Fast

Sure, you can always sell those old iPods (working or not) on eBay, but it’s far easier to use BuyMyBrokeniPod, a site that promises to buy any model of iPod, working, broken or in between, with no questions asked. You even get an estimate of the price before you send it to them.

Since launching earlier this year, the guys who run the site say they’ve purchased more than 1,000 iPods from happy customers. The average price paid for a working iPod is $100 (range from $10 to $330). A broken one fetches an average of $30 (range from $2 to $216). You have to pay to ship the unit to them in Colorado, and they pay you via paypal or check.

The price they’re offering on my slightly used (and currently bricked) 8GB iPhone is $213. My last generation 60 GB iPod is worth $63. That’s competitive with eBay prices, without the hassle. And if your iPod is broken, these guys may be one of your only choices.

Broken iPods are sold in bulk to third parties or broken down for parts. Working iPods are refurbished and resold directly to to resellers.

The site is full of happy customer testimonials. If any readers have direct feedback, let us know.

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