The Podcast Network Signs John Cleese For Video Podcast

tpn.jpgThe Podcast Network (TPN) has announced the signing of English actor, writer and comedian John Cleese for an exclusive video podcast series titled “Headcast.”

Cleese describes the show as “a somewhat humorous, somewhat more thoughtful, [a conduit that] gives me a chance to sound off in my old age.”

A free version will be made available over the next few months on The Podcast Network and a premium version will also be available. The show will be produced by UK new media company Funk, which currently produces audio podcasts for Clease.

TPN CEO Cameron Reilly from The Podcast Network said that “having a living legend like John Cleese joining The Podcast Network’s growing roster of talent is a coup for the business and a personal thrill.”

The Melbourne, Australia run TPN has continued to grow without funding and is currently profitable, whilst others in this space burn venture capital. TPN did 700,000 downloads and 6.5 million page views in August.

Disclosure: I podcast for TPN