Ok, Wait, Le Backup: iPhone Not Coming to France's Orange Afterall? Huh?

I’m going to write this whole post without making a pun about Apples and Oranges. The point is, though, that we’d heard that Orange would be the French carrier for the froggy version of the iPhone. Orange had planned on announcing the partnership, and later did.

Here’s the stickler though: Apple and Orange had never actually settled on the economics. They’re apparently in an acrimonious tug-of-war as to the pricing. Not the handset itself, but in regards to what percentage Cupertino gets of Oranges service plans.

That means Apple’s iPhone in France? Not so fast, friends. I’d like to give you more details, but I don’t read French, but you’re welcome to check out the post from TechCrunch France on your own. Shortly after the photo, our colleague over the sea uses the word “mayonnaise” for an unknown reason. Maybe you know.

Du Rififi entre Orange et Apple autour de l’iPhone [TechCrunch France]