Nickelodeon's NPower Lineup Of Electronics

Last night was the Showstoppers event, which is usually pretty lame and filled with cruddy vendors. However, last night was an exception. The guys behind the event must have finally realized that using the aging Copacabana as a venue was a bad idea and instead chose to host the even at the new New York Times building.

Now you can have the best venue in the world, but if the companies there suck, what’s the point? The only company that presenting something that was very new and fun was Nickelodeon. Growing up on Nick as a kid, I was really excited to see what was being offered.

A lot of the electronics are Dora The Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants oriented. As you can see, there’s a Spongebob LCD TV that comes in a 13-inch model. Though it may not be the most technologically-advanced television, its design is pretty rad. The base of the unit is painted to look like Spongebob’s pants and the plastic bordering the screen is a bright yellow color.

There’s also an alarm clock where Spongebob pops up when the alarm goes off. Want to keep sleeping? Just smash his head down. Don’t worry about breaking it either, it’s made of a soft rubber foam material.

Nickelodeon also had a few MP3 players, several digital cameras, and some other doodads. The Spongebob digital camera is only 3-megapixels, but it retails for under $100 and lets you insert your favorite characters into photos automatically.

So yeah. Looks like Nickelodeon is diving back into the consumer electronics market. The stuff is priced decently and will probably make your tween son or daughter happy. More importantly, these gadgets are decent quality and won’t break on you after you open the box. Enjoy the picage.