New Advertising Model: Wish Fulfillment

This idea caught my eye, although so far execution consists of nothing more than a blog post on their site: payittome. Readers who want something take a picture of it along with the price and submit it to the site. Pictures will be chosen from those submitted and will appear on the home page. Advertisers can buy the item for the person, associating their brand with the item, and the picture will be linked to the advertiser.

Like the original milliondollarhomepage, this will only work if enough buzz is generated that lots of people actually go to the site. If payittome presents a well designed website and is able to get a few advertisers lined up to make sure early entrants get some free stuff, people will likely show up en masse. That will draw more advertisers, and the virtuous cycle continues.

It’s not clear that payittome is taking a cut to generate revenue. They should be, on the off chance that this is a hit. Of course, the buzz for this has officially started, and the site isn’t live yet. Time to get to work, guys.