Islandoo cuts its TV ties to go open access

Islandoo, a UK-based MySpace-style site originally built as a social network to support casting for the reality TV show Shipwrecked, has opened its doors to any TV show, film or music video to cast for their show.

TV producers can use the casting system for free . Since the launch this week Channel 4, BBC and MTV has signed up to the system, and Models 1 is acting as an online agency partner.

Islandoo is something of a sleeper site. It now has 38,000 users since its launch late last year by Mint Digital, UK a company specifically set up to create social media for TV companies.

The idea is that the promise of fame will keep the site packed with out-going and “glamorous” 18 to 25 year olds. The production companies are incentivised to promote Islandoo, since it helps with the filtering process.

However, a quick scan of the site shows there are plenty of unglamorous people too, which suggests that the site’s back-end casting system is going to have to work overtime.

Revenues will come from advertising.
Andy Bell at Islandoo said: “We’ve developed a system that makes casting a much smoother process. If your normally cast by getting people to fill in a word document and email it back, then this could revolutionise your job.”