Think you know Web2.0? Ok. But can you predict Web2.0?

How good are you at making predictions? Meet PlaytheDay a quiz game that will entertain those who can predict the future. The game is very simple: you need to answer 8 questions related to a future event. If you get 8 answers right in a row you win. There is one prize to win everyday and several series of quizzes in different spaces (celebrity, music, sport, Internet and finance,…) are available. Each questions come with a tip and link to a website where you can evaluate or find the answer. The fun part is that the games are closed one day before the actual date and on the day answers are progressively revealed along with the list of participants that are still racing for the prize.

To start off they have created a free predictive quiz on web2.0 events taking place next october 14th (you can already participate). You can find questions like “how many votes will the most popular story on Digg have at 4pm” or “How many comments will the top story on TechCrunch get at 4pm”. Honestly answering is mostly a question of luck rather than skill. But the game is free and the upside is not bad: you can win an iPod touch and you have here another opportunity to prove you are a real Web2.0 Guru :)

This free game is aimed at raising awareness around their site but the main activity of the service will be selling tickets for participations to other quizzes.

Betting games have been around for a while. Gottabet and Bluebet allow you to create a bet on virtually anything. Predicting games have been also around for a while: PicksPal allow you to predict sport event, and other services like SocialPicks do the same with stocks.

PlayTheDay has been around for a while but the official launch takes place this week. This game is operated by FairPlay, a privately held company incorporated in Cyprus and created by team of veterans in the gaming industry including an Israeli entrepreneur previously senior employee at Random Logic (that operates