Mobile Game News 9-26-07

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This Week’s Headlines: GOSUB Goes for the Bullseye; I-play Rolls Out Q4 Line Up; Eidos Lights the Way; Castlevania: Order of Shadows Now Available; D3Publisher Developing Connected Games With SNAP Mobile Platform; Artificial Life(like) Top Model; Alltel Customers Can Now Axcess Games

GOSUB Goes for the Bullseye
gosub.jpgIf you can’t find an old English style pub or a laid back American tavern, you can still enjoy a game of darts on your mobile phone. GOSUB 60 has introduced Hot Shot Photo D.A.R.T.S. for Verizon this week. The game features innovative motion-sensing technology, and players use the camera phone feature to move the handset around to assume the perfect position.

And in addition to aiming at a digital dartboard, players can snap a photo and insert the image into the game. There are also options for spitwads, paintballs and even tomatoes that you can throw instead of darts. Of course the real fun is the more traditional styled game, and this mobile version features multiple settings. Players can save their high scores and send them via a message to friends as the ultimate form of dart challenge.


I-play Rolls Out Q4 Line Up
Iplay.jpgMobile entertainment publisher I-play has announced its upcoming titles for the rest of 2007.

“Our latest line-up brings mobile gamers around the world a fantastic breadth of offering,” said David Gosen, I-play president, “from the official World Rally Championship license, to the BBC’s infamous trivia quiz game television show, through to puppy love in this fabulous sequel to My Dog. Once again, we’re delivering a winning set of ‘must have’ casual, ‘one thumb’ play games based on strong franchises.”

Fall and early winter titles include:

  • World Rally Championship – the only mobile game featuring the official WRC license. Look for fast cars and signature rally race moves.
  • The Weakest Link 3 – while this show’s past its prime(time) in the United States it continues to draw large viewers in syndication and in the U.K. This third release includes 1,500 more questions and answers. Can you answer correctly? If not… good bye.
  • Super MahJong Quest – More than just a game of titles. Look for more than 30 puzzles to unravel the six Moongates and restore balance to the universe.
  • Win at Texas Hold Em – You have what it takes to go all in and be a World Series of Poker champ? Probably not, but at least you won’t lose your shirt when you go against the likes of real champion Daniel Negreanu.
  • My Dog II – Man’s best friend can be your best mobile friend too, with this sequel to the acclaimed “My Dog” franchise.


Eidos Lights the Way
eidosmobile.jpgAt one time or another we’ve all probably tried to use the light from the LCD screen on our mobile phone as a flashlight. Now Eidos Interactive illuminates things a bit with PRISM: Light the Way. OK, it won’t actually turn the phone into a flashlight either, but the reference sounded good.

Instead this newly launched mobile entertainment title features gameplay styles including beat the clock to a battle mode. The adventure game features a peaceful race who survives on light, and must battle a race that is all about darkness. “This is classic, can’t-put-it-down gameplay,” says Dave Clark, vice president of New Business Development at Eidos “With engaging graphics and addicting puzzles, PRISM: Light the Way is a great game for all ages that works perfectly in the mobile environment.”

We’re still not sure if this surreal gameplay will light up your life or not. But it doesn’t look like it will turn the mobile phone into a flashlight.
Eidos Mobile

Castlevania: Order of Shadows Now Available
konami.jpgWe reported last month that Castlevania: Orders of Shadows would be out in September, and Konami has proven to be good to its word. The legendary franchis is now available on major U.S. carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Consumers can even visit Konami Mobile’s Web site for a free online trial of the vampire hunting game.

Castlevania: Order of Shadows is a powerful example of the evolution of mobile gaming technology,” said Joe Morris, Vice President of Konami Mobile. “As a worldwide leader in high quality, multi-platform videogames, Konami’s aim is to raise the game play experience and entertainment standard of games for mobile phones to new levels. We are confident this new Castlevania title achieves that goal.”

This is the latest chapter in the series, and was designed specifically for the mobile platform.
Konami Mobile

D3Publisher Developing Connected Games With SNAP Mobile Platform
d3publisher.jpgConsole and casual game publisher D3Publisher will be making the move to mobile, and will be using the SNAP Mobile platform to develop connected games for Java-based mobile handsets. Among the upcoming titles will be a mobile version of the hit Earth Defense Force, which was released earlier this year for the

“SNAP Mobile provides us with a carrier-grade platform that ensures a consistent mobile gaming experience for our dedicated fan base and expands the reach of our games to a global level through Nokia’s distribution channels,” said Yuji Konishi, Director and the Vice President of Mobile & Network Business Division of D3Publisher. “After much consideration, SNAP Mobile emerged as the ideal partner that could take our established Earth Defense Force game and make it suitable yet entertaining for a wide selection of mobile devices, while still retaining the online features that our game players have come to enjoy.”

Nokia will distribute Earth Defense Force on various Nokia handsets, while almost making the game available as a downloadable title on select carriers.

SNAP Mobile

Artificial Life(like) Top Model
artificallife.jpgThink you have what it takes to strut on the catwalk? If not there is still hope that you can pick up a thing or two with America’s Next Top Model Cycle 9 mobile game, which just launched on Artificial Life’s m-commerce portal, and will soon be available on-deck through various carriers. This gameplay is reminiscent of the reality TV series, where all 13 of the shows participants are represented by 3D super skinny avatars.

“With our third installment of the America’s Next Top Model mobile game we continue to bring new and exciting features to ANTM fans. This season, players will receive calls featuring the voices of the real participants from the show for the first time. It’s exciting to produce another game based on this globally popular TV brand,” said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.

Players can help train the digital versions and compete to see who can get the highest scores. The twist with this game is that each week when a participant gets the boot, and packs her backs, her digital avatar will get removed from the game! So in other words don’t get too attached to that avatar. Losing your favorite wannabe model could be more devastating than when your digital pet died in the 1990s.

ANTM 9 will be available for download for $5.99. And that’s probably less than some of these girls spend on food all week!
Artificial Life

Alltel Customers Can Now Axcess Games
alltel3.jpgOK, so you don’t think you have what it takes to go pro as a gamer. That’s fine, most of us aren’t talented enough with the controllers or mouse and keyboard to turn zapping zombies, or tomb raiding into a full time gig. And at present there doesn’t like there will ever be a way of turning pro with mobile gaming. But despite this you can still climb the leader charts and take part in tournaments.

Alltel Wireless has just announced the launch of the Axcess Game League, a free, community gaming application that allows players to navigate between games, compete in tournaments and even check their status and post high scores. The games at launch include dominoes, Sudoku, checkers, reversi and chess, with additional titles already in the works.

“With the casual gaming market continuing to expand, Alltel is excited to provide this community for mobile gamers of diverse skill levels to meet and compete,” said Scott Moody, director of multi-media content for Alltel Wireless. “The games available in Axcess Game League are simple to play and will provide hours of on-the-go entertainment.”

The league is open to Alltel customers, while cost $2.49 per month. Free tournaments are offered as weekly, monthly and all-time high score competitions, and monthly tournaments will begin each week where the top 60 percent of competitors can advance to the next round. Winners can receive virtual medals and trophies. Too bad they don’t get free games at the very least!