Hello, TechCrunch

It was only last week that Michael Arrington announced that I would be joining TechCrunch as co-editor. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a technology journalist hailing from the recently-shuttered Business 2.0 magazine, and before that, Fortune. I’ve been blogging part-time for the past few years at B2.0, writing the Next Net blog. One thing I’ve learned is that to do this seriously, you cannot do it part-time. So I am eager to dive in.

Today is my first official day on the job, although I’ve already dabbled with a few posts just to get up to speed on how things work around here. (I still have a lot to learn, so please bear with me). Yesterday I trounced up and down Manhattan with my new TechCrunch Network colleagues John Biggs and Peter Ha, the brains behind CrunchGear, looking for some New York City digs. (I will spare you the grim details, but if anyone has any leads on a NYC office sublet for four people, please send me a note to erick at techcrunch). So I am getting a taste of startup life. Today will be my first full day blogging. As I begin covering the world of Web 2.0 here at TechCrunch, I look forward to meeting many of you in comments.