Halo 3 Causes Xbox Live To Crap Out


According to the official Xbox forums, lots of gamers have been experiencing outages on Xbox Live following the Halo 3 launch. Constant freeze-ups and the inability to sign on are being cited as two of the major concerns that people are dealing with. On Digg, a user said that less than 1000 people were signed on to XBL and playing Halo 3 as opposed to the thousands of users more than were signed online before the game even came out. With 4 million pre-orders for Halo 3, it’s not really a big surprise that the service went down.

And how are gamers dealing with it? You be the judge.

JetCut wrote:
This is a service we PAY for that doesn’t work? WTF is this? I hope Microsoft reps get violently raped and killed for not keeping a service up and working 100% of the time.

I couldn’t sign onto xbl at all last night. Over 2 hours wasted. You had to call the support center to get a recording stating that they were aware of problems with people signing into xbl. The offered solution (another recorded message) was to wait an hour and try again. Wow, some real help there. You think that paying for a service would mean that it would be provided on the key day you need it!!!

I can see it now, some real MS ace thinking, duh, we have over 1 million preorders for Halo 3, what happens to our network when they all try to get online Tuesday?

Ahhhh, I love to laugh wholeheartedly. Go outside if your damn Xbox isn’t working. Parks are nice.

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